The Center for Business Innovation grew out of a three-pronged approach to develop a stronger, sustainable business community: all-encompassing economic development (urban centers, agriculture, tourism, localism, education, housing, traditional commercial development), better business integration, and better advocacy efforts. The steering committee meets monthly. Each quarter, CBI holds an open meeting.


John Yelle            Dennis Barnett

Lucy Joyce          Susan Hawvermale

Maureen Halahan  Valerie Maginsky

Gary Schuster     Tom Weddell

Brian Varley        Dawn Ansbro

Nancy Proyect     Larissa Lewis

Ciro Gagliardi


End of Summer Event

Meets on an as-needed basis; this committee plans the Citizens Foundation’s annual meeting and end of summer event that has traditionally taken place on the Seligmann property.


Susan Hawvermale       Olivia Baldwin

Lia Fierro                       JoAnn Hamburg

Eileen Kelly                    Janette McKay

Andrea Nilon                 Linda Nilon



Meets monthly to oversee the finances of the organization and to develop the Foundation’s budget. A subset of the Finance Committee serves as the Foundation’s Audit Committee.


Bob Marchione            Rich Capicchioni

Andrew Conti              Susan Hawvermale

Scott Lask                    Justin Rider



Meets monthly; this committee focuses on water, wastewater and transportation infrastructure. Goals include educating the public on the importance of strong infrastructure to maintain good quality of life, advising and educating municipal and county leaders and staff on better infrastructure management.


Dick McGoey               Justin Rider

Robert Marchione      Elaine McClung

Tom Olley



Meets monthly; committee focus is on arts programming on the Seligmann Center property and furthering the name of Kurt Seligmann as an artist, scholar, and community builder.


Dan Mack                    Mary Altobelli

Olivia Baldwin             Kerry Boland

Bonnie Croskey          Lia Fierro

Jean Galli                    Janet Hamill

Susan Hawvermale

David Horton             Brandon Knopp

Justin Rider               William Seaton

Jerome Spector         Jonathan Talbot

Stu Turner                 Robert Whitman



meets on an as-needed basis; this committee works to educate the public on the importance of agriculture to our quality of life and economy and to advocate for continued investment and attention in the agricultural business sector.


Al Buckbee                  Rosemarie Baglia

William Brown          Joseph Coleman

Greg DeBuck              Michelle Gurda

Michael Hayes           Amy Noteboom

Paul Ruszkiewicz      Michael Sweeton


Meets monthly; this committee is comprised of people from the health sector and interested citizens to encourage collaboration and communication between healthcare entities and, on occasion, to provide education to the public.


Gaynor Rosenstein        Elaine McClung

Amy Anderson- Winchell        

Gwen Borsenberger      Christine Dorsey

Jackie Lawler                   Joe McPheter

Darcie Miller                    Taylor Mrazek

Jason Rashford                April Gozza



Meets monthly to engage new members; retain current members and enhance the membership experience through targeted fundraising efforts and exclusive membership benefits.


Andrea Nilon             Olivia Baldwin

Lia Fierro                   JoAnn Hamburg

Susan Hawvermale    Eileen Kelly

Janette McKay          Linda Nilon

Gaynor Rosenstein


Ottaway Medal Dinner

The Ottaway Medal, named for Ruth and James Ottaway, Sr., is presented on an annual basis to an individual who has contributed significantly to the quality of life in Orange County. The award ceremony is the largest fundraiser for the Citizens Foundation.  


Janette McKay            Vince Capozzi

Andrew Conti              Lou Heimbach

William Kaplan            Andy Komonchak

Jim Kulisek                  Brian Maher

Jim McGee                  Kristin Mullarkey

Bonnie Neucall            Andrea Nilon

Justin Rider                 Gaynor Rosenstein

Alan Seidman               Tom Weddell



Meets bi-monthly; this committee is comprised of trail advocates and representatives of trail organizations. Goals include expansion of the Orange County Heritage Trail, development of trails throughout the region, and increased usage of trails for recreation and transportation.


Burt Thelander            Kerron Barnes

Stacey Calta                 Matt Decker

Russell Hallock             Ashlee Long

Valerie Maginsky        Sona Mason

Andrea Nilon                Cliff Robinson

John Strobl                   Stu Turner

Joe Wojciehowski



Meets monthly; placemaking is a planning tool where community members are at the core of community growth and development. Our committee works with individuals, community groups, and municipalities, as well as the public to educate on placemaking principles and to implement change. We hold placemaking tours, workshops, training sessions, and an annual conference (with awards).


Matt Milnamow           Stu Turner

Ross Winglovitz            Christina Amato

Corinne Courtney        Jen D’Andrea

Danielle Farrell            Noreen Fennell

Debbe Garry                 Lou Marquet

Janette McKay             Alan Sorenson

Megan Tennermann


Quality of Life

Meets on an as-needed basis to develop the Quality of Life Report Card and organize elected officials debates, and other events/initiatives.